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Getting to Know Dr. IJ

Getting to Know Dr. IJ - Internal Medicine Doctor

What Can a Patient Expect When They Have You as a Doctor?

Patients can expect a committed physician partner throughout their healthcare journey. It is truly my pleasure to serve patients.

​​​​​​​Also, patients can expect honest, open, dialogue that puts their health goals at the forefront of our discussion. As my patient, you can expect to have my undivided attention during each appointment.


I will be a committed partner and will always be attentive to your health needs.


What Is the Most Important Factor In a Doctor-Patient Relationship?

Trust! Mutual trust is essential for a Doctor-Patient relationship to thrive.


What Hobbies or Activities Do You Enjoy Outside of Work?

I enjoy spending time with my husband and 3 children. As well as spending time with other loved ones, traveling, musical theatre, and volunteering in the children’s drama department at my church.


What Is Most Rewarding About Being a Primary Care Doctor?

Making connections with patients is rewarding for me. Empowering them through health education for themselves and others.

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