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Chronic Care Management

Chronic Conditions Management is a comprehensive approach to improving your overall health by:

  • Developing personalized care plans

  • Providing regular health monitoring

  • Educating on managing conditions

  • Encouraging lifestyle changes

  • Coordinating care among providers

The goal is to enhance your quality of life, reduce symptoms, and prevent complications.

Chronic Conditions We Manage








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Chronic Care Management (CCM)

Chronic Care Management is a specific Medicare program designed for those with two or more chronic conditions expected to last at least 12 months or for the remainder of the patient's life. CCM offers:

  • 24/7 access to healthcare services beyond regular doctor visits

  • Connection with healthcare professionals for immediate health concerns

  • Continuous support to manage your health effectively

If you have Medicare, speak with one of our doctors about enrolling in CCM to enhance your care today.

Important Information

We offer on-going care for Chronic conditions and immediate access for new concerns.

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Urgent Care

Tailored to address immediate health concerns, our Southfield urgent care prioritizes your well-being with the expertise of our internal medicine specialists.


Ensuring you receive top-notch care at every step, our services are designed for your urgent medical needs in Southfield, MI.

Chronic Care Management vs Chronic Conditions Management

Chronic Conditions Management and Chronic Care Management (CCM) are essential for managing long-term health issues, but they serve different purposes.

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